Why Not Both?

Over at Commentary’s Contentions blog, Jennifer Rubin asks if Gov. Blagojevich is “> Blog Archive >> Crazy or Corrupt?” href=”http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/rubin/46212″>Crazy or Corrupt?


Like others, I wondered after reading the criminal complaint whether Gov. Blagojevich isn’t just plain crazy. He thinks he’s going to spruce up his image and run for President in 2016. He thinks he’s going to get the Chicago Tribune to fire a columnist who suggested he deserved impeachment. He thinks he’s going to get the President-elect to give him a huge job “in exchange” for a Senate seat. This is wacky stuff — as if he was caught in a 1950’s time warp, or a bad “B” movie. No one, even in Chicago, goes quite this far.

And were the people around him — his chief of staff and Advisors A and B, not to mention Andy Stern — similarly addled or were they playing along and humoring a lunatic? It seems peculiar that no one apparently said, “Oh, c’mon Governor. Barack Obama isn’t giving you anything.” Perhaps there was such a voice of sanity, and we’ll hear it at trial.

Although I’m appalled, I’m more intrigued by the mendacity, bordering on insanity. How does some one function in a high office with such a loose grip on reality? And yes, Barack Obama did have some relationship with him, so it would be interesting to know if he ever perceived the governor of his state as a bit delusional. He did support him for governor twice, but perhaps he was duped too and didn’t pick up on Blago’s personal and mental failings.

The story will come out soon enough. But the most fascinating part is yet to be told — how someone this unhinged gets to be governor and gets re-elected without anyone blowing the whistle.


Meanwhile, even though I’m pretty sure he’d wouldn’t disagree with the second half of Jennifer’s equation, Scott Johnson focuses on the first part, here: “Is Blago Nuts?


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