Ed Driscoll

The Way The World Works

With Jude Wanniski and Bob Bartley having gone off to the great accounting school in the sky, it’s left to Fred Thompson to sardonically explain why the bailout, or bailouts, or whatever is the catchall name for the overall enormous reaming being applied to those same taxpayers that so offend Harry Reid won’t work:

> Blog Archive >> The Explainer” href=”http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/rubin/45281″>Jennifer Rubin adds:

Republicans have been struggling to find their political bearings. The Democrats are about to embark on a Keynesian spending spree the likes of which we have never seen. How to respond? How can Republicans possibly oppose the political juggernaut coming their way? They could do much worse than to send this short film by Fred Thompson to every voter in America. As political theater, it is brilliant. As economic education, it is indispensable.

The film demonstrates that Thompson is head and shoulders above the current crop of party functionaries in the essential task of communicating and educating voters about our current predicament and the course which the Democrats are pursuing. As they contemplate their political predicament, the Republicans might think about finding Thompson some permanent role as Party Explainer.

Fred may not be the Gipper, but compared to most in the GOP, he’s a great communicator.