Wasn't Saint Hubbins The Patron Saint Of Quality Footwear?

For over a decade, the good Dr. Dalrymple has written about England’s out-of-control binge drinking problem; Mark Steyn explores a pair of size 12D unintended consequences: “Britain has clearly decided it has a golden future as one vast theme-park for The Onion. From The Daily Mail, a woman’s right to shoes“:


Drunk women who stagger about in high heels are to be protected–at public expense–from twisting their ankles.

They will be handed flip-flops to wear by police outside nightclubs as they wend their way home.

The scheme is part of a £30,000 drive by police and councillors to prevent ‘alcohol-related harm’.

It has been prompted by fears that women wearing stilettos or similar footwear could tumble over.

The rubber shoes, which carry printed messages about safe drinking, will also be available free from the council’s ‘Safe Bus’ on the harbourside…

Inspector Adrian Leisk, from Safer Communities Torbay, said: ‘Sometimes people get drunk and you see them carrying footwear which is inappropriate.

‘The emphasis is on providing replacement footwear for people to get home in, should they find their footwear uncomfortable, inappropriate or soiled.’

Mark adds that it’s “It’s worth a click just for the picture of Police Superintendent Chris Singer posing with two pairs of ‘safe footwear'”.

But how safe are they, really?

Clearly, this is a story benchmade like a pair of John Lobb wingtips for one man to comment on.


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