Ed Driscoll

Perfect Timing By The Coal Industry

Glenn Reynolds writes:

ONLY 30-DAY STOCKPILES OF COAL? “A new report from the University of Minnesota warns that an influenza pandemic could disrupt the coal industry, thereby endangering the nation’s significantly coal-dependent electric power system and everything that depends on it. . . . The authors, CIDRAP research assistant Nicholas Kelley, MSPH, and CIDRAP Director Michael T. Osterholm, PhD, MPH, recommend that power plants stockpile coal to last much longer than the average 30-day supply they have now and that the nation prepare now for disruptions in the coal-supply chain and electrical service. They also urge that coal industry workers be put in the highest priority group for pandemic vaccines and antivirals.”

Doesn’t that work out about right? At the start of his pre-election cruise through all of America’s 57 states, President-To-be Obama said he’d bankrupt the coal industry, so they really just need enough to make it through until his inauguration in January, when they can start the paper on Chapter 11.

And then once bankrupted by Obama, they can apply for their own federal bailout like every other industry.