Ed Driscoll

You And I Have A Rendezvous With Scarcity

In “A Date With Scarcity“, his latest op-ed, David Brooks writes:

Nov. 4, 2008, is a historic day because it marks the end of an economic era, a political era and a generational era all at once.

Economically, it marks the end of the Long Boom, which began in 1983. Politically, it probably marks the end of conservative dominance, which began in 1980. Generationally, it marks the end of baby boomer supremacy, which began in 1968. For the past 16 years, baby boomers, who were formed by the tumult of the 1960s, occupied the White House. By Tuesday night, if the polls are to be believed, a member of a new generation will become president-elect.

So today is not only a pivot, but a confluence of pivots.

It certainly is–and I explored several of those pivots in video form, last week.

Update: Shannon Love asks, “If Obama’s economic policies work so well, why isn’t Detroit a paradise?” and notes, “We may soon be living in a repeat of ’70s and looking back at the years 1984-2007 as a golden era.”