Ed Driscoll

Trapped In The Joebius Loop

Mark Hemingway goes from the inner mind of Joe Biden to…beyond the infinite:

Only Joe Biden could make a gaffe in the act of addressing his gaffes. It’s just a matter of time before he gets stuck in a recursive infinite gaffe loop, where every subsequent gaffe is an attempt to undo the previous one. This should put the conventional pundits at a total loss, and eventually CNN will be forced to offer a TV contract to an M.I.T. mathematics and logic professor who has done pioneering work expounding upon Kurt Godel’s incompleteness theorem as it relates to Eubulides’ liar paradox, since he’s the only one who comes close to offering a cogent explanation for why Biden is still talking.

You know know what this means, right? If Joe wins tomorrow, it’s only a matter of time before some mad Photoshop wiz creates–shudderThe Biden Recursion!