The Nanny Who Would Be King

Fred Siegel looks at Mike Bloomberg, now approved by his obsequious city council to run for a third term as New York’s mayor-as-nanny:

For the past year, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has been on a perpetual campaign for higher office. He’s toured the country and run an ad campaign touting his educational “achievements,” as a stepping stone to national office.

His lavishly funded and enormously effective p.r. operation has garnered adoring articles in Esquire, Vanity Fair and GQ on how this post-partisan philosopher-king of sorts has had supposedly extraordinary fiscal and educational accomplishments. But as Bloomberg, whose billions make it possible to insert himself into any campaign at almost any time, lost out on his presidential and vice-presidential hopes, he was reduced to buying a third term as mayor of Gotham. And that’s where his problems began.


Read the rest–and then check out William Warren, who adds, “According to the City Council, sometimes the people need a king.”


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