Ed Driscoll

NY's Erratic Idiosyncratic Psychosomatic Democratic Chief Of Staff

As Nicole Gelinas noted back in April, when New York’s Governor David Paterson was inaugurated, he heard from a number of his old friends, now living out of state:

Paterson cited a number of personal friends, all former New Yorkers, who have contacted him from out of state since his ascent to the governorship. “A friend from primary school, Randy San Antonio, told me he moved to Dallas 20 years ago,” Paterson began. “Another friend, Randy Watts, had moved to Reno. A friend from Syracuse, Marvin Lee Simons, said he’s working in Lower Manhattan. I said we should get together . . . and he said, ‘Well, I don’t live in New York. I live in western Pennsylvania.’ Jeff and Stacey Stackhouse wanted to start a business on Long Island. They moved two years ago–they’re trying to start their business in Charlotte, North Carolina. They couldn’t pay the taxes here.”

Gov. Paterson’s chief of staff has his own idiosyncratic, remarkably psychosomatic solution to the issue–a severe case of “non-filer syndrome.”

(John Derbyshire writes about it here, just before being overcome with a terrible case of “non-blogger syndrome.”)