Ed Driscoll

And Away We Go!

Wow, I was only kidding when I wrote that last headline, but Ed Morrissey writes, “Recreate 68? They’re on their way.”

He has a link to the live video feed of the Denver Post of the crowds in the street for those who want to see if the proverbial revolution really will be televised. On the other hand, as Ed notes, “So far, the protesters have managed to recreate ’68 in at least one way … reminding the nation to vote Republican.”

Well that would ensure the most authentic recreation…

Update: The esteemed Zombie is in the midst of the scrum, fighting off the odd blast of pepper spray.

And look! It’s a giant paper-mache puppet! Oh, sorry, that’s Ward Churchill with his stylin’ shades and Che beret–since paper-mache is literally French for “chewed-up paper”, it’s easy to get the two confused.