Ed Driscoll

MSM Favorably Compares Obama To Presidents They Loathed

“CNN’s John Roberts Pushes Obama’s ‘Similarities’ to Eisenhower, Reagan“, which is awfully ironic, considering that both presidents were looked down upon by the left during their terms in office–and that’s putting it mildly.

Eisenhower, the man who masterminded the D-Day Invasion, was considered a mental lightweight by most establishment liberals. (Recall also Woody’s anti-Ike joke at a fictional Adlai Stevenson rally in an Annie Hall flashback.) And of course, Reagan was absolutely despised by the MSM, as Noemie Emery perceptively recalled last year.

But then, this is all part of the full-service effort that CNN’s John Roberts has been putting in this year in aid of the Obama campaign; recall his infamous “Wright-Free Zone” moment back in April.