Ed Driscoll

Packers Trade Favre To Jets

For longtime fans of the NFL, there’s a curious symmetry to this story–Joe Namath played his entire career for the New York Jets, except for that last year, where he just looked entirely out of place in an L.A. Rams uniform. With the exception of his very early days as an unknown Atlanta Falcon QB, Brett Favre played the vast majority his NFL career with the Green Bay Packers. And that Jets uniform he’s going to wear for the last year or two of his career will no doubt look just as strange.

But this seems to be the least painful solution to what had deteriorated into a remarkably dysfunctional situation between a player and a team each thought to be amongst the classiest in the league until recent weeks.

Update: As seen in the Circuit City ad rotating in the sidebar, EA might want to update the artwork on Madden ’09: