Ed Driscoll

New Silicon Graffiti Video: "2004: An MSM Odyssey"

There’s a hint of disappointment lurking in the subtext of John McCain’s recent videos highlighting just how in the tank the MSM are for Obama; as Michelle Malkin quipped, “Hell hath no fury like a Maverick spurned”. And while McCain may have initially counted on the media’s support, he really should know better. While the media loved Maverick in the 2000 primaries–at least compared to that Bush guy–and for iconoclastic quotes afterwards, when presidential elections start in earnest, the MSM knows which party they’re backing–and they’re not afraid to let you know as well.

The latest edition of our Silicon Graffiti videoblog, v-cast, Internet TV show, or whatever the kids are calling these things this week begins with this moment at the conclusion of the 2000 election and goes all the way to 2004’s grizzly aftermath, and beyond. With a few surprises along the way…

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