Ed Driscoll

Air Force Dewey

Jeff Greenfield:

And the idea that Obama is on a premature victory tour fits perfectly with the way Dewey carried himself in 1948–as a candidate who’d already won and did not need to bother asking voters for their support.

Allison O’Keefe:

Barack Obama’s new campaign plane is nothing short of grand. Well, for the candidate that is.

Obama’s section of the plane rivals that of any first class. Recently the front cabin of the Boeing 757 was retrofitted to install four individual chairs that resemble La-Z-Boys. They are free-standing and made of plush leather with pockets on the sides. There is also a booth which seats four for a meeting or a meal.

His chair has his name and campaign logo embroidered on the back top — “Obama ’08” on one line and “President” underneath.

John Kerry’s plane in 2004 was emblazoned with similar language, as I recall.

Meanwhile, Glenn Reynolds adds, “I don’t want to hear any greenhouse talk from Obama as long as he’s flying this airplane.”

I sort of assumed that went out the window with this previous aviation-based gesture back in June.