Ed Driscoll

Does Obama Want Edwards Gone?

Mickey Kaus wonders if the Obama-worshiping media will help toss John Edwards under the bus for him:

Will the Pro-Obama Bias Turn Anti-Edwards? At this point, does Barack Obama want John Edwards to even show up in Denver, much less give a prime time speech? Even if the Love-Child saga progresses no further than it already has, an Edwards Denver appearance will inevitably be accompanied by renewed speculation about his seemingly scandalous and politically toxic behavior. Obama’s in what looks like a surprisingly close race. He doesn’t need to carry Edwards’ baggage. He needs a positive convention. And Obama has previously shown a willingness to bury troublesome associates without much fuss (ask Jim Johnson).

If you’re an Obama strategist, mightn’t you conclude that the best thing for your candidate would be if the press weighs in quickly and definitively concludes that Edwards is guilty, with the result that he and his whole sordid story go away until after November?

Glenn Reynolds suggests, “If so, just pass the word and the L.A. Times will be all over the story. With memos to bloggers encouraging them to cover it!”

Heh, Indeed.TM

Meanwhile, if Edwards is increasingly likely to be out as Obama’s veep nominee, Michael Costello proposes a viable replacement. His wide stance on the issues will certainly get the media’s toes-a-tappin’!