Ed Driscoll

Wilson Waxes Wexler/Matthews Double-Team

Mark Finkelstein of NewsBusters writes:

The screencap captures it nicely: Heather Wilson, smiling. Robert Wexler, mouth agape. On this afternoon’s Hardball, the feisty, brilliant [bio: high honors Air Force Academy grad, Rhodes Scholar] GOP representative from New Mexico took on the duo of the combative congressman from Florida and host Chris Matthews, and walked away a winner. The subject was Obama’s Berlin speech, and by extension his presidential qualifications.

You’ll find excerpts below, but they don’t do begin to do justice to Wilson’s brio and the coolness under verbal fire she displayed. That’s why I’d strongly encourage readers to view the video. Wilson kicked off her tour de force in commenting on a clip of Obama in his Berlin speech proclaiming that various walls, including one between American and Europe, “cannot stand” and must be torn down.

The video may take a few minutes to download, as it’s Windows Media instead of Flash; but don’t miss it–it’s well worth your time.