Ed Driscoll

Take That, You 295 Million Americans!

According to this AP report from April, Katie Couric’s evening news show “averaged 5.34 million viewers last week, breaking a record low for CBS News’ flagship show that had been set the week before, according to Nielsen Media Research.”

And the rest of you 295 million troglodytes who tuned her out? Sexist bastards, the lot of you:

“Unfortunately I have found out that many viewers are afraid of change. The glory days of TV news are over, and the media landscape has been dramatically changed. News is available now for everyone, everywhere, all the time, and everybody fights for the last pieces of the shrinking pie. The corporate pressure and the ratings terror are intensifying all the time, and the situation is not simple. I find myself in the last bastion of male dominance, and realizing what Hillary Clinton might have realized not long ago: that sexism in the American society is more common than racism, and certainly more acceptable or forgivable. In any case, I think my post and Hillary’s race are important steps in the right direction.”

All that pioneering bravery, and for only $15 million a year.