Ed Driscoll

Tomorrow's Jurassic Park, Today

Rick Moran writes, “The story of John McCain’s discarded op-ed explains why the New York Times is dying”:

Someday, when newspapers are a thing of the past and you take your grandkid to the museum where artifacts of the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Chicago Tribune are on display in vacuum sealed cases to protect the yellowing, brittle paper from disappearing entirely, there will be a special exhibit devoted entirely to the New York Times.

Famous front pages will be featured along with pictures of the Sulzberger family who owned the paper for generations, famous reporters, and the last publisher when the paper folded in 2018–Matt Drudge.

The inscription on the shiny bronze plate below the exhibit might read:

Thought of as the “newspaper of record” for more than 100 years, the Times eventually succumbed to disappearing ad revenue, a catastrophic decline in circulation, and the consequences of a perpetual, unrelenting, obvious and sickening bias exhibited against its political enemies.

The news industry has already built the museum that Rick describes–join us on a video tour!