Ed Driscoll

Civilian Fire, Real And Imagined

Allah notes a familiar phrase has returned to Obama’s lexicon: “essentially, spouses are civilians.”

Much like Reverend Wright was, back in April. But as I noted back then:

How is Wright a civilian? When your ideology makes “the personal the political”, and in an effort to create a holistic worldview, has politicized everything from religion to light bulbs to national defense, how can there be any “civilians” in politics?

And as Allah notes, Michelle’s “not a ‘civilian’ if she’s out on the trail promising that you’re going to immanentize the eschaton, champ.”

By the way, Obama’s use of the word “civilian” always strikes me as an odd Godfather homage, where the gangsters were careful not to take out anyone not actually in the mob. I.E., “Sollozzo knows he’s a civilian.” Ironically, and safe to say entirely unintentionally on Obama’s part, it becomes an even more interesting word choice considering the rapidly escalating level of real violence back in his hometown.