Ed Driscoll

Clinton Internet Attacks Against Obama Vanish

Hillary’s taking things away–such as YouTube clips and negative ads attacking Obama–for the common good of her rival’s campaign:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has scrubbed all negative ads from her campaign Web site and YouTube page, leaving visitors with only the warm and fuzzy moments from her bid for the presidency.

Gone are the attack ads accusing Sen. Barack Obama of insulting Pennsylvanians, ducking debates and making misleading assertions about gas prices. In their place are some of the campaign’s best and most positive ads and multiple “Hillary I Know” testimonials that have a shelf life should the former first lady ever run again.

The whitewashing took place quietly in the past few days as Mr. Obama cut his former rival a check to help relieve her campaign debt and as the Clinton family moved to fully embrace Mr. Obama as the presumptive Democratic nominee.

“She’s no longer campaigning for president,” said Clinton spokesman Mo Elleithee. “She’s focused on her work in the Senate, campaigning for Senator Obama and other Democrats.”

Mr. Elleithee said the videos probably are archived.

We can only hope–or the sexist evil conservative MSM that’s completely in the tank for Obama will have won!

Fortunately, between copies of the more outre clips downloaded and archived, and blog posts quoting them, it’s quite likely that Hillary’s brave, quixotic efforts during the Operation: Chaos-extended primary season will not have been in vain.

And it wouldn’t be the first time that video evidence from an earlier internecine struggle in the primaries benefited the opposing party in the general election through a minor act of political jujitsu.