Ed Driscoll

Hello, Is This Thing On?

Hi, I’m Troy McClure–you might remember me from such automated information kiosks as “Welcome to Springfield Airport!” and “Where’s Nordstrom?”


Sorry for the lack of of posts this week, but it’s been a bit crazy lately: on Tuesday morning, I appeared on the Tammy Bruce Show, to discuss why The Happening isn’t, unless you enjoy zillion dollar enviro-snuff films, basically discussing this post from the weekend. That was tremendous fun–then it was all downhill from there. As soon as my interview concluded, I flew to New Jersey to visit relatives, one of whom is in rather ill-health. In addition to a flight that arrived into Philly two hours late at 2:30 AM, my luggage unfortunately decided not to join me on the flight; despite numerous frantic calls to American Airlines, my bags didn’t show up until yesterday evening. But on the bright side–he said, in a tone laced with bitter, bitter irony–you’ve never met a friendlier, more cheerful staff than the baggage handlers at Philadelphia International Airport at 3:15 in the morning…

As I said recently–The Mrs. Grace L. Ferguson Airline & Storm Door Company: a user manual for cost-conscious airlines, a sneak preview of the future for the rest of us.

Watch for regular blogging to resume in a bit–and thank you for patience.

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