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The Not-So-Groovy Guru

Given its horrid revues from both sides of the aisle, I don’t think that Hindu chaplain Rajan Zed will have much difficulty in urging “Hindus around the world to boycott” Mike Myers’ new film, The Love Guru:

Movie executives at Paramount Pictures have honoured their promise to preview Mike Myers’ new film The Love Guru for concerned Hindu leaders in Los Angeles.

Hindus, led by Rajan Zed, campaigned to see the film before its release on Friday – in a bid to make sure their fears about the movie were overblown.

But the screening has only served to bolster the religious opposition to the film, which Zed and his followers insist is disrespectful to Hindus and their beliefs.

Zed has now urged Hindus around the world to boycott the movie, claiming the picture “lampoons Hinduism and Hindu concepts and uses Hindu terms frivolously”.

After attending the screening on Thursday, Zed rages, “The Love Guru is even more denigrating than we earlier perceived from the information gathered from trailers, websites and other sources.

“Mike Myers’ guru instigates a bar fight, repeatedly narrates penis jokes, mocks yoga – one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy, wears female jewellery, mocks the concept of third eye, makes disciples drink tea passed through his nose, orders alligator soup, induces elephant copulation in front of the crowd, introduces himself as ‘His Holiness’, lives in a lavish ashram staffed with scantily clad maids, and whose goal in life seems to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show.”

And the Hindu leader has suggested other religious groups should give the film, in which Myers plays an oddball guru called Pitka, a miss.

He adds, “Today it is Hinduism, tomorrow Hollywood might attempt to denigrate another religions.

Really? They might? Do you think! Let me check on this one and get back to you. OK–back! Unfortunately though, the producers of Dogma, The Da Vinci Code, The Last Temptation of Christ, The Golden Compass, and Jesus Camp could not be reached for comment.

Nor could this director of a different sort of anti-religion movie, who, curiously enough, isn’t around these days to cash his royalty checks.

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