Ed Driscoll

"Democrats Finally Impeach The Clintons"

Don Surber writes, “Welcome back to reality, Democrats”:

Democrats helped President Clinton survive impeachment.

Al Gore then lost the presidency by 537 votes, due at least in part to the impeachment.

Now Mrs. Clinton has lost the presidential nomination, also in part because of the impeachment. Party leaders really did not want that baggage.

It may seem unfair to punish the wife for the philandering husband. But as Michelle Obama clumsily put it, “If you can’t run your own house, you can’t run the White House.”

Mrs. Obama spoke for many.

The irony is that Mrs. Clinton also lost in no small part because of her expectation that the party owed her the nomination because of all she had put up with in her eight years in the White House.

Having failed to make that dream come true, she now seeks the vice presidency.

Obama would have to be nuts to tie that albatross around his neck.

At the moment, this is one gaffe Obama appears to be avoiding, but like Lyndon Johnson and JFK, or George H.W. “Voodoo Economics” Bush and the Gipper, anything’s possible.

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