Ed Driscoll

Mollifying The Mullahs

Michael Ledeen writes, “It’s been a bad day for the Dems’ efforts to rewrite history”:

First Obama gets caught inventing American armed forces in Poland at the end of World War II, and then Zbigniew Brzezinski and William Odom give us this bit of puffery in the WaPo: “The United States would have a better chance of success (with Iran) if the White House abandoned its threats of military action and its calls for regime change.”

It’s a hoax. This White House ( I say with great regret) has NEVER called for regime change in Iran. On the contrary, this administration has constantly said that they want a change in behavior, and have not advocated a change of regime. Indeed, back when, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage actually said that Iran was a democracy, and his boss, Colin Powell, loudly announced he didn’t want to get involved in “Iranian family squabbles.”

And aside from “well informed journalists” and other self-proclaimed insiders, no one I know of, this side of Norman Podhoretz (NOT a high ranking official of the government), has threatened military action against Iran either, aside from the age old vanilla language “nothing off the table.”

This nonsense gets published and debated, as if there were anything to debate. Meanwhile we might remind ourselves that Odom and Brezezinski served a president named Carter, who refused to sign a “no first use” promise with regard to nukes, with the Soviet Union. So it was fine to have it on the table then, but bad now.

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