Ed Driscoll

The Gaffe Master

Today’s gaffe by Obama is rather small potatoes (though the quick airbrush work immediately afterwards by his campaign staff is noteworthy), but since the media reports all gaffes made by Republicans, and few from Democrats (expect for those Democrats who are the current year’s apostates), it seems fair game to point it out, particularly in an election year.

Much like 2004, the starboard side of the Blogosphere is once again doing the work that was expected of old media, even if they never were as objective or fair to both sides as we imagined they were.

Update: Hugh Hewitt adds:

It is difficult not to conclude that Senator Obama has developed his reputation as a powerful orator and skilled politician in a protected media environment and in races against candidates that were deeply flawed.

Not to mention some rather unique turns of history.

The Sundries Shack adds, “After this campaign, I swear, I don