Ed Driscoll

Mister, We Could Use A Man Like Oscar Madison Again

Journalists have long used horse race analogies when writing about politics; apparently the New York Times feels that turnabout is fair play, as Kevin D. Williamson spots its horse racing blogger self-describing himself as an anti-Bush, pro-defeat leftist. Williamson writes:

Sure, you expect some scathing leftist commentary on the Times’ business page, the food section, the arts coverage, the travel notes, baseball columns, local news, the special weekend sections, the colophon, and the classified advertising, but the horseracing blog? Is nothing sacred?

Hey remember the good old days, long, long ago, when the Times’ former ombudsman took flak for admitting the obvious? Now even the sportswriters there don’t bother to hide their biases.

(Or maybe he’s seeking employment elsewhere and wants to subtly get his resume out there.)