Ed Driscoll

Recreate '48!

Mark Steyn’s onboard, but not the folks that Zombie photographed this weekend in San Francisco:

The Palestinian community of the Bay Area “celebrated” Israel’s 60th anniversary on May 10 by holding the “Nakba-60” festival, which mourned the founding of Israel as a “catastrophe” and called for the creation of a unified Palestinian state where Israel now stands — in other words, demanding an end to Israel’s existence. About 600 people attended the event in San Francisco’s Civic Center Park.

* * *

There was a deep but unspoken rift apparent at the event, between the young radicalized Palestinians who wore American-style “urban” clothing and expressed in-your-face Palestinian nationalism that had little or nothing to do with religion or old-fashioned tribal culture; and the older, more conservative Palestinians who seemed quite uncomfortable with all the emphasis on sexuality and Westernized political ideologies.

Like I said, the next chapter in the culture war awaits.