Ed Driscoll

Salt Those Operation Chaos Quotes Away For 2012

Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos”, which featured voters from one party crossing over–perfectly legally–to vote in the other party’s primary elections. The resultant furor from Democrats has led to unintentionally hilarious comparisons to”radio broadcasts that incited violence in Rwanda and Kenya”. And journalists from the original Blue State chiming in (translation here). And even former presidential candidates saying stuff like this:

David Plouffe and a series of big gun endorsers are holding a conference call to stress the scale of last night’s victory.

“He clearly did more than he had to and she did not achieve what she had to,” said Senator John Kerry.

Both Plouffe and Kerry stressed the importance of the Limbaugh Effect.

“Rush Limbaugh was tampering with the primary,” Kerry said “If it was not for Republicans taking Democratic ballots, he would have won,” he said of Obama.

So we won’t be reading any articles like this in 2012, right?

Of course we will. But the spittle-flecked hypocrisy generated this year when the Florsheim is on the other foot will be fun to look back on when we do.