They're Not Hiding It Now

Howard Kurtz interviews military analyst and retired Army colonel, Ken Allard:

HOWARD KURTZ, HOST: Last year, you quit NBC and MSNBC…

COL. KEN ALLARD: That’s correct.

KURTZ: …after a ten-year relationship. You indicated you thought they were moving to the left.

ALLARD: I thought they really had moved very slowly to the left, and I also thought that when they had the chance to clarify to the fact that they were not moving to the left, they didn’t do so.


Allard left the networks in early 2007. Particularly in the case of MSNBC (and tacitly, with stunts such as this at NBC), the two affiliates of GE aren’t exactly hiding their position on the ideological spectrum these days.

Curiously though, as I’ve written previously, for such a savvy media critic, Howard never seems to notice these things.


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