"What's More Likely? And Which Is Worse?"

From its headline on, this entire post by Ace on the Obamavania train wreck is well worth your time, but here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

Video of Hillary playing the elitist card against Obama — and successfully.

Is there another person on the face of the earth Hillary could call an elitist without exploding in a fiery ball of spontaneous irony?

Incidentally, the press is focusing on “bitterness” because that’s mostly what Hillary is focusing on.

They’re ignoring the critique made by conservatives, Newt Gingrich, and John McCain.

So you tell me: Are they ignoring the real issue here because they simply are unwilling to credit a non-liberal as offering a legitimate take?

Or are they so isolated in the liberal cocoon they’re not even aware that a critique exists apart from Hillary’s?

What’s more likely? And which is worse?


As Betsy Newmark notes, Kirsten Powers hit the nail on the head: In a liberal world (including most big city newspapers, the big three TV networks and CNN), Obama’s folk Marxism sounds “totally normal, and outside of that world I don


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