Ed Driscoll


Cuffy Meigs writes that it’s Panic In Detroit (sorry, makes for a better Bowie song) Denver this summer:

Yeah, we bloggers/blog readers have been hearing this for the past month, but this AP piece is hitting the wires and will be in every print newspaper this weekend (sad to say, even I still take the local Sunday paper). Lots of unplugged people are about to get up to speed.

“Nightmarish…Wreck…Wrenching…Infuriating…Excruciating…” Delicious:

For all their delight in soaring voter registration and strong poll numbers, some Democrats fear the contest between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton might have a nightmarish end, which could wreck a promising election year.

The chief worry is that Clinton may carry her recent winning streak into Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina and other states, leaving her with unquestioned momentum but fewer pledged delegates than Obama. Party leaders then would face a wrenching choice: Steer the nomination to a fading Obama, even as signs suggested Clinton could be the stronger candidate in November; or go with the surging Clinton and risk infuriating Obama’s supporters, especially blacks, the Democratic Party’s most loyal base.

Some anxious Democrats want party elders to step in now to generate more “superdelegate” support for Obama, effectively choking off Clinton’s hopes before she can bolster them further. But many say that is unlikely, and they pray the final 10 contests will make the ultimate choice fairly obvious, not excruciating.

Even as the “Recreate ’68” voices huddle in the corner (geez when did it ever go away?) a savior emerges from the shadows!

(On the other hand, a powerful voice from the Dark Side of the Force whispers, “You know you got a problem if the answer is Al Gore“.)