Ed Driscoll

Obama's "Naftaquiddick" Moment

Glenn Reynolds is back to blogging after a week on vacation. (So am I!) He has some thoughts on Barack Obama’s “Naftaquiddick” moment:

And reader Matt Szekely observes: “If Obama can’t handle a goody two shoes country like Canada how the heck is he going to deal with Iran, Syria, China, Russia, France and other countries that have a somewhat higher level of difficulty? . . . This is like watching someone get bucked off one of the coin op kiddies horses they have at the supermarket.”

And reader Mike Riger comments: “The interesting thing to me about this whole episode seems to be that both the Obama and Clinton comments are, in essence, saying that they absolutely DO intend to be protectionist, anti-trade presidents if elected. And both seem to be more stridently painting themselves into this corner as the charges and counter-charges are thrown around.”

Messrs. Smoot and Hawley could not be reached for comment.