"Hiding Bad News Among Other Bad News"

Well, that’s one way to bury a story, I guess:

If you’ve got bad news to put out that you’ve been looking for the right time to release, sometimes the right time is sandwiched between two other pieces of bad news. So if you’re Hillary Clinton, and you’re looking to replace your campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle, a good time to do it would be after a Saturday, when you lose the Washington state, Nebraska, and Louisiana primaries/caucuses, and shortly before a Tuesday when you’ll probably lose at least two out of three among Maryland/Virginia/Washington, D.C. …

A day like a Sunday, when you lose the Maine caucus


Heh. Or as Byron York puts it, it’s all part of Hillary’s “ongoing effort to send out as many signs as possible that her campaign is troubled, desperate, and flailing about”.

As for Maggie Williams, Doyle’s replacement, Michelle Malkin writes that Williams was “knee-deep in the Johnny Chung scandal”, as Time magazine noted a decade ago.


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