Ed Driscoll

Well, Now We Know

Yesterday, I wrote:

Imus was fired from MSNBC for using the word “hos” [sic], Shuster suspended for “pimped”. When similar language is used towards a Republican or his family, equal sanctions will be applied, right…?

(Don’t hold your breath, but it would be fun to watch MSNBC or its parent company squirm if they ever have to explain the enormous double-standard.)

Last year, one of MSNBC’s junior correspondents used the phrase on his public access cable TV show, to refer to Republicans “pimping General David Petraeus“, with nary a peep at the time from MSNBC or its parent company.

Is this violation grandfathered in, or can a suspension be applied retroactively?

Update: The Shuster incident “is a tool the Clinton machine is using to remind the media that, when they cover the Clintons, they are covering people who can destroy their careers. These reporters may as well be covering their bosses.”