Sophomoric "Lifestyle"

Warner Todd Huston writes:

Lifestyle magazine, a publication that serves Pennsylvania’s Delaware Valley area, published a nice story this week reporting how a long awaited veteran’s cemetery is finally underway in Buck’s County, Penn. Oh, the story seems nice enough, but there is one problem. The photo accompanying the story shows a soldier, circa WWII, in near silhouette trotting across a wintry field, rifle in hand. That there is a photo of a soldier from WWII tacked onto a story about a new veteran’s cemetery isn’t the problem. The problem is that the photo is of a Nazi German soldier from WWII and NOT an American soldier! This is a shocking mistake that reveals many things about the folks at Lifestyle Magazine.


As Huston notes, even beyond the botched photo, “the first paragraphs of the story are a bit odd. A story about the final resting place of our honored veterans is begun with two paragraphs about a Kris Kristofferson song!”


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