Inside Canada's Star Chamber

War takes many forms–in some case, no immediate physical violence is necessary, merely a government seeking appeasement with its enemies via the courts. As Charles Johnson writes, this is must-see video of a “Canadian Publisher Persecuted for Mindcrime.”


It’s also an excellent sneak preview of an even more famous show trial yet to come.

Update: Much more at Hot Air. Be sure to follow the links to Ezra Levant’s site itself.

More: As with Steyn’s upcoming trial, “the punishment is not the verdict but the process.”

By the way, for those who have the software to download YouTube clips and want to archive Levant’s videos of his show hearing, I’d save them sooner rather than later. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them quietly disappear from YouTube some time in the not too distant future.


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