The Crying Game

Hillary lets a glycerin tear flow–since it’s on the eve of New Hampshire, does this count as her Edward Muskie moment? If so, Power Line’s Paul Mirengoff writes that it could work to her benefit, unlike Muskie’s waterworks:


They say that, as in baseball, there’s no crying in politics, and Ed Muskie came to a bad end in New Hampshire in 1972 after he appeared to cry in public. But the video of Clinton doesn’t necessarily cast her in a bad light, and could even help her with female voters, upon whose support she’s more dependent than ever.

And for more news from 1972, George McGovern, who back then was comparing Ho Chi Minh to George Washington, reminds us that in contrast, he just doesn’t like the cut of Dubya’s jib.

Update: The Anchoress predicted Hillary’s Iron Eye Cody impersonation last week; Tammy Bruce has video of the Other Clinton Crying Moment.


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