"The Lights Are Going Out On Liberal Society"

George Jonas writes “The newsweekly Maclean’s and the brilliant Steyn are the best and biggest to find themselves in the jaws of [Canada’s] Human Rights Dragon, not the first“:


In the summer of 1977, shortly after it came into being, Manitoba’s Human Rights Commission took it upon itself to caution Maclean’s for Barbara Amiel having used the word “Hun” with reference to Germans in an article about the war-years. The Commission felt it had a mandate to express a government-sanctioned disapproval over a journalist’s choice of words. The post-liberal state’s action against Maclean’s and Steyn comes on the 30th anniversary of the post-liberal state’s warning against Maclean’s and Amiel. This doesn’t show a liberal agenda hijacked or kidnapped; it shows an illiberal agenda that was there right from the beginning.

Someone should write a book about this topic.


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