When Did Debate Moderators Turn Into Designated Villains?

Jim Geraghty writes:

One of the odder themes of the Democratic debates has been the not-so-hidden disdain for the moderators, who I think haven’t been that bad. (I don’t think any of them have been as bad as Chris Matthews has been for the Republicans, with his opining/critiquing Thompson, ‘You should have stuck with no.’) Obama complains the questions are designed to divide us, Hillary says she won’t answer hypotheticals, Kucinich gets into a snit about Blitzer using the term “illegal immigrants”… The Democratic candidates have drunk deep from the polls of the netroots and concluded that men like Wolf Blitzer and Tim Russert are part of the vast right-wing conspiracy (!) and that they can score points by treating the guy asking the questions as the villain.


I thought it was conservatives who generally attacked the media, not the left. But it is a reminder that the Blogosphere was born with bipartisan contempt for the MSM.


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