Ed Driscoll

Manufacturer Of Remarkably Un-PC Toys Remarkably PC

Back when I was a kid, the only thing I recall being able to build out of Legos were lame-looking toy houses. But these days, their catalog is filled with surprisingly complex toys promoting very un-PC concepts, not the least of which are Gaia-defiling construction equipment, dispensaries of Big Oil, and race cars, which the left holds in utter contempt due to their goreball worming connotations, as Tim Blair would say. And Lego also produces a whole line of toys promoting the violent destructive fantasies of a raaaaacist Hollywood filmmaker. But as James S. Robbins notes, Lego as a corporation is as reactionary and politically correct as they come:

A few days ago I posted a bleg asking for ways to reach out to Lego Systems, Inc. to see if they would donate Lego sets to wounded warriors at Walter Reed who use the sets for therapy. Quick response from Lego