C'Mon Feel The Noise

Reuters looks at Tim Robbins’ new film:

Have you ever dreamt of smashing up that car in your neighborhood whose burglar alarm has the bad habit of going off in the middle of the night?

U.S. director Henry Bean used to do that just that, breaking into other people’s cars to disable their alarms, so he could get a good night’s sleep. He ended up in court and in jail, until he decided to stop and make a film about it.

“Noise”, Bean’s provocative second film, casts Tim Robbins as David, an upper-class family man driven insane by New York’s loud sounds — grinding garbage trucks, horns honking, back-up beepers and worst of all, car alarms squealing at all hours.


Robbins has a fair amount of real-life experience acting insane, but the film’s family man driven round the bend theme sounds like a remake of Michael Douglas’ Falling Down. And ironically, with its Dolby Digital six-channel soundtrack, it will probably be one of the loudest movies in the multiplex.

Can’t blame the movie makers for this, but note the article’s headline: “Tim Robbins wages crusade against noise in new film”. I thought the PC police (Reuters chief amongst them) banned the C-word, post-9/11.


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