"Smells Like Studio Sweat"

This could be fun:

Well, I certainly had a good laugh today at Universal’s expense. How in the world can the studio expect truthfulness from a just greenlighted Kurt Cobain biopic when Courtney Love will exec produce with attorney Howard Weitzman? You know, and I know, but they don’t seem to care, that this movie is gonna get crucified by critics, audiences and Nirvana fans just by involving Courtney, who owns her dead hubbie’s life rights.


On the other hand, how could it be any worse than this recent cinematic musical abortion?

Jonah Goldberg’s latest op-ed dovetails rather nicely into Kurt & Courtney’s entertrainwreck life story:

For years, conservatives criticized the likes of Madonna for proselytizing commercialized decadence, and conservatives routinely came out the losers. The press, generally being liberal, disliked the perceived censorial uptightness of conservative


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