Can The Gray Lady Go Straight?

Michael Malone has a great piece on how the New York Times went off the rails in the age of the Web and the Blogosphere, culminating in Morgan Stanley metaphorically telling the Times to “DROP DEAD“. (Gerald Ford could not be reached for comment.)


Michael concludes:

If you surfed the Web yesterday you couldn’t miss the fact that millions of folks out there were cheering the impending End of Times. I didn’t. I want the Gray Lady to straighten out, clean herself up, and regain her old dignity. America needs an honest woman as its newspaper of record.

That’s a nice sentiment, but frankly, I can’t ever see that happening. Her old dignity was clouded by a lot of original sin.

Fortunately though, the Times’ last, best hope has emerged, as it sees the light, and enters the 21st century. About 2001, or 2002, to be exact, as they’ve finally discovered the blog.

Update: Across the pond, an even grayer lady, Auntie Beeb, isn’t in the best of health, either.


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