L.A. Really Confidential

New York Post readers instinctively know to hit Page Six first if they want all the juicy gossip. But where should L.A. Times readers go if they want even a taste of the same hot stuff? Mickey Kaus advises remaining L.A. Times readers (or is just reader? Not sure if plural tense is appropriate here…) to first hit page B-3 when opening up the papers–“It’s Where The News Is“:


On page B-3 of today’s Los Angeles Times: 1) Britney Spears loses custody of her children. 2) Wife-leaving L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa’s super-hot girlfriend quits her TV job when Telemundo assigns her to Riverside to avoid a conflict of interest. … Too interesting! The Times highminded editors thought Angelenos should instead read “Bill seeks faster reports on nursing home allegations,” which ran under huge picture on B-1. … P.S.: Here’s an excellent idea from blogger Steve Smith: “Maybe the local paper should just make the third page of its B Section a super-hyped, ‘go-to’ section for people interested in … dirt, and gossip.” Better yet, make it a pullout section. Then they could, you know, kind of wrap it around the more important sections with the riveting nursing home complaint procedure pieces that win Pulitzers….

Talk about burying the leads–as Mark Steyn once quipped, in 1978, you could afford to have a boring daily. Not today, as the L.A. Times discovers each time it checks its ever-shrinking circulation figures.


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