Ed Driscoll

Well, At Least It's Definitely A Choice, Not An Echo

Well over a year away from the election, here are two rather divergent predictions for November ’08’s outcome to choose from:

  • Rick Moran on the death of the GOP–the “Grumpy Old Party“, as he calls today’s Republicans: “Make no mistake. The modern Republican party is becoming monochromatic and regional in nature. It is bleeding supporters like a stuck pig; women, young folk, and working class whites are becoming Democrats right under your noses because you are failing to hear what they are telling you about issues that concern them.”
  • Copious Dissent dissents, rather copiously: “How The Democrats Lost The Election In Three Weeks: From Moveon.org to Liberals siding with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over Lee Bollinger”.
  • Frankly, my money right now is on the former scenario. By next fall, the past few weeks’ events could likely be ancient history, tossed far down the collective memory hole by a legacy media whose chief player gives sweetheart ad deals to Moveon.