Ed Driscoll

The Future Of Videogames

Allahpundit explores the boffo box office–which a different kind of PC industry, politically correct Hollywood, would kill for–of Microsoft’s Halo 3, which ties in with an apt comment Glenn Reynolds made a while back:

It occurs to me that the media sectors that are doing badly — movies, music, newspapers, TV women’s shows — seem to be the most highly politicized, while the sectors that are doing well, like games, aren’t. I’d be interested to see more analysis on that subject.

Meanwhile, James Lileks has online video of the haves and have-nots of the videogame world as Halo 3’s launch approached.

Ahh, but what sort of space would be worthy to qualify as the perfect rec room in which to play such an awesomely awesome game? There can be only choice: