Ed Driscoll

Welcome Back To 1974: It's The Return Of Paul Kersey!

Well it would be the return of the protagonist of the Death Wish movies, except, as I noted back in July, instead of being played by Charles Bronson, he’s being played by Jodie Foster:

Now The Brave One’s plot (confected by Roderick and Bruce Taylor and Cynthia Mort) cranks up the coincidences; and the viewer starts playing a game that’s dangerous for any adult thriller: What Are the Odds? Told she must wait a month to buy a gun, Erica just happens to meet a guy who’ll sell her a hot 9mm. pistol for $1,000 in cash, which she just happens to be carrying. (What are the odds?) Browsing in a convenience store, she Just Happens to witness an armed robbery; she kills the perp with the gun she JUST HAPPENS to be carrying. (What Are the Odds?) Next she’s riding the subway, where she J.H. to see two black dudes harassing the riders. They approach her, and she blows them away. (W.A.T.O.?)

I’ve lived in New York for 42 years, and as I watch the movie I’m thinking that this New York is both foreign