Ed Driscoll

Life's The Same, I'm Moving In Stereo Schadenfreude

Small Dead Animals has one small illustration of liberal journalistic hypocrisy for the day; Say Anything has another moment of schadenfreude: “Bush-Mocking Journalist Piers Morgan Gets His“, as he pulls off a brilliantly executed faceplant on his Segway, after earlier mocking a similar presidential maneuver.

I only rode a Segway once, in early 2002, for an article for a stillborn Internet magazine on alternative transportation. Having survived (embarrassing photographic proof of Segway-caused redorkulation here), I’m glad I quit while ahead, especially as Segways were originally sold to the public by their manufacturer as perfectly safe high-tech transportation. Sort of like how NASA sold the Space Shuttle to Congress in the 1970s.

Update: Via Breitbart.tv, video of the reporter “bitten by karma” added above.

More from Ace of Spades:

Once again a reporter mistook himself for a Universal Omincompetent All-In-One Expert Without Portfolio, authoritatively declaiming upon the auto-balancing of the Segway without, of course, ever having ever actually ever tried one him himself.

This is a sickness among the media class approaching the level of a viral mental disorder.

As Glenn Reynolds as written, the Blogosphere is a remarkably low-trust environment when compared with the legacy media and its audience. Perhaps somewhat ironically at first glance, that’s one of its greatest strengths.

It means that there’s actually infinitely less need amongst most bloggers to pretend to be an expert in fields in which they’re clearly not. Because they don’t need to generate that Oracle of Delphi tone that the legacy media seems to require in order to fake the aura of the penumbra of having Cronkite-esque institutional-quality gravitas.

Which is much easier, in the long run, on the ego. Not to mention, in this case, the rib cage.