Ed Driscoll

"Les Moonves, A Mogul With No Conscience"

To follow-up on the Katie Couric post below, as I’ve written before, it can’t be much fun to be CBS these days. Nikke Finke writes:

I’ve learned that egoist Les Moonves is talking out of both sides of his mouth concerning the erupting controversy over his CBS fall reality show Kid Nation. On the one hand, I’m told his CBS board of directors has been assured that the company is conducting “an internal investigation” into Kid Nation. “Everybody is being interviewed. All the footage will be watched. We will give the board a full report on what happened. This is of great concern,” I understand directors were told. But, publicly, CBS is denying all allegations it violated any laws or put any children in jeopardy during the production. So how can Moonves stand behind CBS’ denials when its own internal probe has barely begun? Or is there really no internal probe going on? Meanwhile, he hopes to ride the publicity from the controversy all the way to great ratings in September. For this and so many other reasons, Moonves needs to cancel the broadcast of Kid Nation.

Finke writes, “I’m shocked by what I’ve just heard from CBS”. Even if you’d Rather set aside the obvious reason, all I can ask, at this late date is…Why?