Ed Driscoll

Leave The Paper. Take The Cannolis

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of liberal journalists…? The Architect knows!

In an embarrassment to the industry, some staffers at a Seattle Times news meeting cheered when Rove’s resignation was announced. To his credit, Editor David Boardman made the incident public and warned that staff meetings should not “evolve into a liberal latte klatch.” Rove responded by sending a basket of cookies to the newsroom, with a note saying “my wife shares in your enthusiasm.”

Rove really knows how to play on the left’s worst fears. That newsroom must have felt like they had just received a basket of oranges from the Godfather.

Incidentally, I’m sure, in say, the eyes of the editors of the New York Times–or even the L.A. Times–that Seattle is considered something of an old media backwater, a legacy industry’s legacy industry. But somebody should give Boardman the memo from 2004, so he won’t have to keep apologizing at this late date regarding his staff’s quite human emotions and prejudices.

Update: “Major League Baseball was really embarassed by steroid use, and took steps to end it. MSM prefers to cover up.”

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