Ed Driscoll

First Truly Serious Error Made By The New Majority

David Frum writes that “The decision by Democratic senators to quash the so-called John Doe amendment is the first truly serious error made by the new majority”:

The Democrats’ decision to kill the amendment in a secretive way makes clear that they understand full well the danger of their vote. Andy McCarthy explains well over at the Corner just how outrageous this vote will sound to a typical voter:

What possible good reason is there to silence people who want to tell the police they saw suspicious behavior? Under circumstances where we are under threat from covert terror networks which secretly embed themselves in our society to prepare and carry out WMD attacks? Planet earth to the Democrats: To execute such attacks, terrorists have to act suspiciously at some point. There are only a few thousand federal agents in the country. There are many more local police, but even they are relatively sparse in a country of 300 million. If we are going to stop the people trying to kill us, we need ordinary citizens on their toes. Again, this is just common sense.

But it seems that the Democratic left cannot tolerate such sense. Forced to choose between multicultural orthodoxy or national security, the Democratic left has chosen multicultural orthodoxy. Fine. Let’s ram the point home. Bring this measure to a vote again and again and again. Stamp it into the national consciousness. This is midnight basketball, Dukakis in the tank, and Willie Horton all rolled into one.

Over to you, Mitch!

Update: More from Betsy Newmark.